Join Church Activities


Who should join?

All boys and girls who have completed their 10th standard (Higher Secondary), and who are not yet married should join the Youth Association. The Association engages in activities related to community building and engaging the youth in spiritual activities, to build and foster an active relationship with Christ for themselves and also fellow youth.

Contact Person:

Anthony : 9643108003

Meetings: Every Saturday evening at 5 pm


Contact Person: 

Jennifer Lobo : 9811525450 

Society of St Vincent De Paul (SVP)

The SVP is an International Fraternal Organisation of Catholic lay men and women who truly practice Christianity by helping those in need. The essence of this society is personal service and commitment. The Vincentians are called by a special grace for self-sanctification of their personal and family life. They truly reflect Christs call of loving their neighbour , a love shown by their concern, friendship , time and talents that are provided to the people.

Meetings held first Sunday of every month

Catholic Association


The Catholic Association is an association of lay people of the parish for the welfare of the parishioners. It operates as a bridge between the church and society in general. Activities associated with the Catholic Association include promoting apostolate and leadership among the people, work towards raising social and economic conditions of laity, perform works of charity, raise and manage funds independently, promote the secular face of the church, assist priests and religious.

parish council

The Parish Council is a representative body that aims at the unity of priest, religious and laity in the parish community, and at establishing a sense of “communion” between them. It involves itself in planning, coordinating and implementing parish programmes both liturgical and community based. It is a visible sign of Christian brotherhood/sisterhood in its composition and functioning. Its role includes fostering a sense of community in the parish, promote integration between cultural and linguistic groups, identify solutions to problems faced by the parish, coordinate with various associations, make the parish a missionary community and focus on spiritual renewal of parishioners through proper planning of liturgy , retreats , prayer, services, choir , novena’s and community worship.